Tar & Chip Seal

Tar & Chip Driveway

Need a low cost alternative to asphalt paving?  Tar & Chip Seal could be your solution.  Tar & Chip seal is asphalt (liquid form) and stone mixed to give you a rougher surface similar to gravel.  We install a gravel base and then pour hot asphalt liquid over the gravel.  We cover it with loose stones and roll it into the asphalt creating the finish.  

Tar and chip is known as chip sealing, chip-n-seal, chip sealed driveways, and tar chip.  You can choose from different colored rocks such as granite, white and pink rock, slate and brown and beige river rock for a very rustic look. Tar & Chip has a light colored stone surface.  Tar and chip does not absorb heat like black top does and stays much cooler. 

If you are looking for low maintenance and cost savings tar & chip is a viable option.

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