Asphalt Milling


Recycled asphalt paving is a great alternative to gravel driveways. You can enjoy the benefit associated with gravel and asphalt by having a gravel surface and an asphalt surface. Re-purposing asphalt is a great way to save money and save help the environment. Asphalt milling is eco-friendly material and long lasting. Recycled asphalt requires no refinishing, resurfacing or replacing. It also has excellent bonding strength giving you semi-permanent driveway that will remain in place for many years.


With already existing pavement surfaces, we may have to remove the top portion of asphalt so that once we lay down the new pavement, it doesn’t stand up taller than it was before. This process is what creates the crushed up pieces of asphalt that are then used in place of gravel for certain applications.


If you’re interested in using recycled asphalt millings on your project, contact us now!

Benefits of Millings:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Cost
  3. Low Maintenance
  4. Adaptable to weather