Parking Lot Pavement Repair

Asphalt Paving Sealcoating Contractors

Parking lot pavement repairs presents some unique challenges. After all, you are not only dealing with the vehicle itself but also the surrounding grounds and buildings that may not be in use by your tenants. Parking lots can become an eyesore to look at especially during the summer months when heat threatens to damage the asphalt. In the winter months, parking lots can deteriorate due to cracks being exposed and allowing moisture inside which then freezes and expands, which causes the cracks to worsen. Asphalt potholes can be a costly problem if they are not given the attention and repaired immediately. With proper care and maintenance you can help reduce risks of cracking and other maintenance problems that are sure to come your way.

Because of the expertise required to repair asphalt parking lots, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. TH and Sons Paving can take your old unsightly parking lot and make it fresh looking again with a little maintenance and upkeep. 

Before we get to work sealing and repairing your parking lot pavement repairs, we will need to get the area prepared for the work that lies ahead. Most asphalt surfaces are relatively dry when you first arrive but you will need to make certain that there is no standing water present. We will also need to have any vegetation in the area removed as this will make it more difficult for the sealcoater to apply the coating. If the area is already wet, we will need to wait until it has dried before starting your work.

The next step to take when we begin the parking lot pavement repairs is to prepare the area for the sealcoater. Most sealcoaters are able to be applied when the ground is completely dry. If the weather has been inclement or there is high humidity, the coarseness will need to be increased. In high moisture environments, the asphalt should be thin enough so that water can easily drain.

After the parking lot surface has been prepared, we will need to get to work and begin your asphalt pothole repair and maintenance project. In order to ensure that the parking space will have the best chance for success, you will want to utilize the services of a professional company that specializes in asphalt striping and pothole repair. By working with professionals you will get a company that knows exactly what it’s doing, which will make this project easier on all involved.

When you hire parking lot paving and repair professionals, you will be working with an experienced team of workers that are well-trained to do all types of paving and repairs. Using a professional paving company will allow you to receive the results that you are looking for while saving money on cost and time. Professional paving companies will also make use of the most durable and resilient paving materials available. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your parking space is being pothole repaired correctly the first time. Asphalt repair is a popular choice among homeowners and business owners because the durability and resilience of asphalt to make it one of the best choices for both residential and commercial paving projects.

By hiring a professional asphalt paving contractor you will receive quality service with a guarantee that your job will be done right the first time. If you want the best asphalt paving contractor there is for your asphalt repair needs then contact Best asphalt paving contractors today. If you do not have time to search for a quality paving contractor then take advantage of the extensive amount of information online about the best asphalt paving contractors. With numerous websites that offer information on all aspects of paving, maintenance, and repair there is no reason that you cannot find the information that you are looking for. When you hire a professional paving contractor you are receiving a trained professional with a proven track record that has been serving the public for decades. Contact TH and Sons asphalt paving contractors today and get all the information that you need on all aspects of parking lot maintenance and repair.